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HWLS – "001"

Without much of a warning Ta-Ku and Kit Pop have united their sound in a new collective called HWLS, combining both of the producers' unique and euphoric sounds with a walloping drum beat. At one end of the duo we have Ta-Ku who seemed to have his hands on just about everything last year, remixing everything from Justin Timberlake to Flume. Rounding out the other half of HWLS sound is Kit Pop who intrigues in pulling elements from both deep house and experimental electronica into his body of work. While Kit Pop has not received as much recognition in the past his collaborative effort with Ta-Ku should be a sign of a fruitful future.

Even though the main focus of HWLS is on the way in the form of an in-progress EP, "001" acts as a starting point, eluding to the overall ambiance in what's coming. Even if "001" doesn't make its way to the EP don't be fooled as "001" slaps hard with a daunting overall structure and sequenced vocals that mold the perfect crust that is itching to be dug into.

The Perth duo have come a long way since the release of 2012's "BOUNCE". One thing that is constant between both songs is fluidity that skirts the edge on every change of pace.

Keep an ear out for more songs from HWLS as our guess is that we are all in for a pleasant surprise once all is said and done.

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