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k.flay - "The Cops" (Dash Speaks Remix)

k.flay provocatively coos of unmatched love and desperate times in her rhythmic ballad, "The Cops", out earlier in 2013. While lyrically explaining how pathetic in love she was, we get a glimpse at her sad vulnerability.

 Dash Speaks - a DJ and producer based in New York - got his hands on k.flay's track and reminds us all that "genres are so 2013". His remix pushes some varying drum patterns, some string instruments, some soul samples, and even some deep house at you while gracefully incorporating k.flay's vocals into the beautiful, energetic mess. So check out the remix from Dash Speaks below and enjoy the plethora of (or lack of) genres coming out of this rad track.



Electronic · Hip-Hop


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