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Cashmere Cat - "With Me" (Stwo Edit)

It's hard to not lose yourself in the jungle of sounds and emotions of a beautifully crafted track, so to start off the new year, we're giving in to the aura of Paris based producer Stwo's latest rework. Stwo's edit of Cashmere Cat's original "With me," is exactly the kind of jungle you need to get lost in, as it brings forth a mesmerizing combination of imaginative bliss and aural pleasure. The intro leads you to a contrasting switch from which the track's dimensional sound develops bit by bit. As the song progresses, Stwo adds his own edge by molding gentle sounds with grittier, bassier, and more upbeat ones without overpowering the subtle elements that make this track so enticing and euphoric.

Stwo is no stranger to adding ear pleasing twists to already great tracks, as we've seen with his most recent rework of Drake's "All Me." And he definitely knows his way around more sensual tones, as we've seen in his production of "Virgo" (feat. Shay Lia). So with versatility, creativity, and an eclectic collection of amazing tracks under his belt, Stwo leaves us with nothing short of excitement for whatever's up his sleeve for 2014. 

Stream Stwo's rework of "With Me" below:



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