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Scrufizzer - "No Need 2 Rush"

Hip hop seems to be all over the place lately, bouncing from style to style making different dents with different impressions. More than ever the game is up for grabs, and the past year has proven that hip hop no longer is secluded to one location or style. A perfect example is the talent emerging from the UK lately, establishing areas like London and West Ealing as hot sources of young and unique MC's. One of the artists making a huge impression is Scrufizzer, a rapper whose musical endeavors began at the young age of 13. He just released "No Need 2 Rush," a fast paced lyrical bombardment atop a west coast styled production. Scru's appeal stems from his varied displays of classical, jazz, garage, funky, grime, drum and base, rock and much more. His combined likes join forces with his varying influences that include the likes of Spragga benz , Amy Winehouse, Lupe Fiasco , Andre 3000 and Biggie Smalls amongst others. Following the release of his mix tape My First Steps, Scru's success began to turn into notoriety and led to him being labelled "Grime at it's most versatile." Check out "No Need 2 Rush" and give West Ealing some love by supporting Scru on a social level.


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