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Beach Season - Internet Evening [EP]

Opening the new year for us is the 20 year old Canadian wonder, Beach Season, who just premiered his debut EP - Internet Evening - on Close To Modern. Although the name might not sound too familiar to many people, the musically inclined psychology student from Calgary isn't necessarily a new face, per se. Previously known as one half of the hip hop duo, Obey the Crooks, Sam Avant takes on a whole new solo project created in his home studio that leans more on the side of electronica and smooth pop vibes.

Stream: Good Boy 2 - Beach Season - Good Boy 2

Composed of six tracks, Internet Evening begins with Avant's serenading voice on "Evenings" that rides an easily digestible tone full of rolling toms that sound as organic as the vocals. The same sentiment goes for tracks like "Say It" and "Good Boy" that wash over us gently with the multiple layers of celestial chords drifting in an out of sonic focus.

"Paris", for me, has the most engaging identity from the batch. Reminding us that when all else fails we can always look upon Paris, Avant's unassuming vocal sensitivities easily sweep us off our feet. Add to the fact that the song also holds his catchiest display of lyrical capabilities, and you've got a number of listeners swooning. Giving a rounded feel to the EP are tracks "Situations" and "The Internet" that pick up the pace and close in on an upbeat and cheery spirit at the right moments when we begin to relapse on melancholia.

stream: Paris - Beach Season - (Paris)

Out now on a donation basis, you can listen to the entire EP here, and choose to pay however much you'd like. Don't sleep on this one, guys and girls - it's great.


Beach Season

Internet Evening

  • Close To Modern
  • 2014-01-01


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6 years ago

Great review! Evenings is my favourite song, but happy you enjoyed the album.