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XS - "Planar Shift" [Download]

Not content with a 2013 already packed with releases, Montreal's Infinite Machine closes off the year with their second EP release from Puerto Rico's XS, whose debut EP we posted back in May. While May's Over was a more delicate, melodic production, this time, XS treats us to a harder techno-based release driven by bassy, pounding percussion and hypnotic repetition. "Spex" builds from minimal to maximal over its five minutes, while "Rhoda" takes a slightly more psychedelic route before launching into a crushing percussive assault. You can purchase the EP on Infinite Machine's Bandcamp.

In the meantime, XS offers up warehouse-worthy goodness in the form of "Planar Shift" as an exclusive download here on Earmilk in support of the EP. Grab it below!

Download: XS - Planar Shift

For those of you currently in New York, you can catch XS's Spex release party alongside Hound ScalesOcamaFiasco, and The Orator tonight at Bossa Nova Civic Club.

Spex EP Tracklist
1. Spex
2. Rhoda




Spex EP

  • Infinite Machine
  • December 30, 2013
Dance · Electronic · Techno


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