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Night Rumours 14

Find them at basement nights and warehouse one-offs reaching from New York to Montreal and overseas Berlin, a collect of conneisseuring clubbers. Void of tasteless vagabonds and cheap standards, looking to give credit where credit is due. The recent flood of clichéd counterfeits has made most music today better left unsaid, but it's the rumours stuck in our head that tug at our ego and give us the need to shine light. A compulsive urge to spread from one ear to the next, to draw a line between bottle service cogs and what is honestly the cutting edge of electronic dance music. There's no room for Vegas roller coasters or casual chit chat, just Night Rumours worth spreading.



M-Plant; 2013-11-18


Always providing an authentic vibe to keep the party alive with the timeless Detroit techno sound, Floorplan - also regarded  as Robert Hood - comes out with another delectable EP on his own M-Plant imprint. A trifecta batch of tracks by one of Motor City's finest contributors who has taken an oath to continuously bring the people a bit of the city's unique spirit that changed the way we moved to dance music.  Phobia carries through persistently hooking rhythms and bounce that only this veteran could make, seemingly, effortlessly. The a-side is full of heart starting from "Phobia"'s dark and funky cadence that revitalizes itself with every kick, then leading to Ben Sim's choppy - yet groovy - rendition of "Higher!" that complements the chief style of Robert Hood's "Floorplan" alias. On the flipside, we get lifted with "Glory B". A gospel influenced track that surely answers prayers for many Motor City techno connoisseurs - Amen!

stream: Floorplan - Phobia

stream: Floorplan - Higher! (Ben Sims Remix)

stream: Floorplan - Glory B


Will Azada
CGI Records, 2013-12-10

 Tennesse phenomena, Will Azada, never has a problem with crowd pleasing. Releasing music under  his own Proper Trax imprint and Hypercolour, his offerings for DKA's sister label, CGI, now has the pleasure of adding Azada to their fresh catalog. Taking a good chunk of overused and highly diluted riffs and styles of play, Cliche displays how to do things right by revitalizing the tracks' essence in a fluid manner you just can't turn away from. With each track sounding completely different from one another the EP feels like a compilation of melodic personalities unique to one another sure to work in various stages of the night.

stream: Will Azada - Cliche (For Me)

stream: Will Azada - Unintensional Sadistic (The Whip)

stream:Will Azada - The Machalski Theme


Truncate; 2013-12-16


 If you're someone with a close attention to detail liking, the music Los Angeles native David Flores - also known as Truncate and Audio Injection - makes would likely be your cup of tea. Add to the fact that he's increasingly regarded as one of the more exciting producers in the techno realm today and you simply want to get your hands on one of his records to see what the talk is all about. Thankfully for us, there's good reason for the buzz and his Control EP - out now on his own TRUNCATE imprint - serves as a strong testament to that. In typical Truncate fashion, the tracks are constructed and arranged with close care that feel like an ear massage of minimalist techno meant to entrance you at the very least. Both sides contain duplicate versions of the tracks "Control" and "Reflex" that show us just how the creative flow of this producer seems boundless.

stream: Truncate - Control V1

stream: Truncate - Control V2

stream: Truncate - Reflex V1

stream: Truncate - Reflex V2

stream: Paranoid London Featuring Paris Brightledge - Paris Dub 2

stream:Nina Kraviz - Sheer (Too Much Going On Neurotic Mix)

stream: Nikola Gala - Only (Ryan Elliott Remix)

stream:Mr. G - U Askin'? (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

stream:Matt O'brien - Serotone (Radio Slave's Panorama Garage Remix)

stream: Lucy - 201 Phasing (Dadub Remix)

stream: XS - Planar Shift

stream:Heiko Laux & Jonas Kopp - Souldancer (Jonas Kopp Remix)

stream: Ben Sims - Orbit (Tripeo remix)

stream: Theo Parrish - Strawberry Dragon

stream:Tony Dee - Oh Shit (Original Mix).mp3

stream:Ben Sims - Orbit (Tripeo remix)

stream:Vosper - Isolation (Marc Houle Remix)



Petar Dundov
Moving/ Canonical Waves
Music Man Records; 2013-11-18

The music that Petar Dundov makes is tremendously of its own kind within the field he's projecting from. Often regarded as producing a rare type of melodically driven techno, Dundov never fails in allowing his music to speak to the listener on a deeper, and at times even personalized level. With a leveled dosage of both intuitive and reflective tunes, 2013 saw him release an incredible follow up album called Sailing Off the Grid that extended the familiar simplicity of his former Ideas From the Pond. While it seems merely impossible for him to exhaust his signature sound he's so good at recreating, he's now come out with a new EP that includes one of the Sailing Off the Grid's most praised tracks along with an unreleased tune on the b-side. Moving/ Canonical Waves is a two tracker with a beautiful segment of sounds that dive deep into intensity only to unfold into sheer delicacy.

stream: Petar Dundov - Moving (Original Mix)

stream:Petar Dundov - Canonical Waves (Original Mix)



Anthony Rother
Faraway / Algorhythm
Datapunk; 2013-12-06

 Producer and label head, Anthony Rother, is one of those people who knows a little something when it comes to electronic music. A long time devotee to the music scene, it doesn't take much to notice that the Datapunk label owner breathes the music he's been making for decades. Faraway / Algorhythm treads between different electronic genres he's constantly flirted back and forth with in his career. Where "Algorhythm" feels like we are headed towards a classic stripped down Kraftwerk-inspired dimension that was prevalent in his earlier tunes, "Faraway" reminds us of the electroclash turn that defined much of his music in the early millennium. The fact that one artist can attract different crowds on either side of the record can, for some, be a good thing and quite questionable for others. But the fact of the matter is that for what it's worth both tracks provide something for any electronic music admirer to appreciate.

stream:Anthony Rother - Faraway (Original Mix)

stream:Anthony Rother - Algorhythm (Original Mix)


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David Flores
7 years ago

thanks! :)

David Flores
7 years ago

thanks! :)

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