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Russian native Boris has been around the New York nightclub scene representing the deep techno sounds of the city. His residency in several nightclubs like Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy has expanded his craft of DJ-ing and has earned him several award nominations for his productions. Since his New Generation EP, which was released through Sci+Tec, the label is eager to release his latest EP.

“Engage” is the first track from the Hybrid  EP, the track builds up an intense riff which blend the deep vocals that heighten the staccato. “Hybrid” has the right amount of kick drums and abrasive hi-hats sounds that mix together into a progressive thumping groove. The last track from the EP, "Drones", includes a heavy and warped basslines that mingle with the looping vocals.

<strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2013-12/--Hybrid--EM1213.mp3"><strong>Boris</strong> - Hybrid</a>

<strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2013-12/--Engage--EM1213.mp3"><strong>Boris</strong> - Engage</a>

<strong>Stream:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2013-12/--Drones--EM1213.mp3"><strong>Boris</strong> - Drones</a>

Boris is known for his innovating productions as he always sticks to his underground roots that revolve around his dance floor dynamics that never fail for his fans. His new Hybrid EP is available for purchase through Beatport and on iTunes 1/16/2014.



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