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Chox-Mak - "Bound" [Download]

If like me you’ve just started to recover from a frantic festive period you’ll appreciate a little familiarity in your hip hop. But also if you're like me you always enjoy new heat in the winter. Familiarity and newness can work together though as Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats have proven with the release of their remix of Kanye West’s newly controversial "Bound 2". The North Carolina rapper keeps it old skool and grounded while the Bunty Beats production elevates Mak’s vintage vibes.

The infectious sample of Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s “Bound” was most famously used by Kanye, albeit seemingly without the permission of the original artist. No such drama surrounds Scotland's Bunty Beats' version however, as the sample anchors this track in a deep lake of pure hip hop which dropped as one of the “Mak Attack Mondays” weekly releases.  Mak’s bars focus on his personal life but he doesn’t shy away from references. Chriss Angel and two Beyonce hits get mentions amongst other pop culture allusions.  

As he looks ahead at the next year hoping to hook up with Bunty Beats again for a new EP, Chox-Mak will work on steering his “90’s Flow” movement into a horizon of success in 2014, and music which feels as big as “Bound” will surely help him on his way.  



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