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Raíz - Cored [EP]

 If you've already looked into the techno movement that's been developing in Los Angeles' corner of the dancefloor chances are the name Raíz rings a familiar bell. The duo - composed of brothers Vidal and Vangelis - have both dedicated themselves and contributed to the city's  growing musical culture from numerous standpoints. Whether we're talking about the music they've made together, the renowned Interface parties they throw, or them helping co-run the Droid Behavior imprint, it's clear the veterans hold a firm understanding of the music and the industry they're involved with. Now setting a focus back on the boards, they team up with label mate, Subversive, to effectuate the VRV label functioning as Droid Behavior's sister imprint. Centralized on a conceptual and thematic bourn per release, the label's first issue, Cored, denotes Raíz's most ambitious efforts yet.

stream: Raíz - CORED_2

"Cored 1" kicks off with quick momentum evoked by thrustful kick pads that'll go felt deep into the temples if you're not mindful of your headphone volume levels. Rough around the edges, the track's sweet spot creeps in with the empyral chords that flow in and out of focus. The essence of "Cored 2" lies in the heart of any sweaty warehouse venture.  With its quick turns and palpitating kicks, the mesmerizing nature will properly drive any set into a peaktime position.

stream: Raíz - CORED_4

 The b-side switches up the vibe as "Cored 3" unravels into a lively and spirited tune that strips itself from any aggressive demeanors. Jumpy and attractively casual, the balance is perfectly measured to avoid any familiar tropes. Closing out the experience is "Cored 4", which unfolds in a patient manner compared to its three predecessors. Surely my favorite of the four, the way the music manages to lift itself from a tense warehouse setting into a more atmospheric scope gives us a first-hand taste of the many ways Raíz can polish a techno track that leaves us feeling refreshed.




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