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Lindsay Lowend - "Basement Dweller Overture"

Sometimes it’s the most experimental of Soundcloud bites that are worth the most attention. Coming less than four months after his breakout EP Wind Fish, DC native Lindsay Lowend is back flexing his weirdly-beautiful production style with “Basement Dweller Overture”. In what sounds like an ode to the crossroads of bedroom producers and classical composition, the track is filled with 8-bit harmonies, jumping playfully across synth leads before settling into an acoustic piano breakdown.

The real head turner comes in the final minute, shifting from movie score violins into a deep, funky half-time drop. Production throughout on this freebie is stellar, and with another newcomer to add to the crew of future bass talent, we’re wishing all the best to Lindsay Lowend this holiday season. Either way, he's sure to celebrate a much more successful year than the person who inspired his stage name.



Lindsay Lowend

Basement Dweller Overture

  • 17-12-2013
Electronic · Future Funk


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