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Headhunterz - "United Kids Of The World" (Feat. Krewella) (Project 46 Remix) [Mini Interview]

Only two years ago Ryan and Thomas started this venture, Project 46, working together day in and day out, even though separated by a great span of the frozen North American country. After much hard work and dedication, 2013 has proven to be a hallmark year for the Canadian electronic duo. Their releases dropped on esteemed labels, Monstercat, Spinnin', and Ultra to name a few, and included everything from pop remixes to heart-felt collaborations. Most notably, the two lent their talents to Kaskade's 8th studio album, Atmosphere, and the breathtakingly beautiful opening track, "Last Chance".

Today they return with a much different monster, a remix of Headhunterz's hard dance track "United Kids Of The World", featuring Krewella. Taking the song back a few notches, Project 46 makes a true progressive tune, emphasizing the featured vocals and brightening the track with uplifting synths. Read on for a mini interview we got with the guys (spoiler: there's a Kaskade remix coming up and an LP in the works) and head on over to Beatport for the download.

Stream: Headhunterz - United Kids Of The World (Feat. Krewella) (Project 46 Remix)

EARMILK: It's been a huge year for you guys. What do you think your biggest accomplishment was?
Project 46: ‘Last Chance’ has to be the biggest. I mean we collaborated with Kaskade. We still can't believe that actually happened!
EM: How did "Last Chance" come to be? The vocals, the piano... Everything is just stellar!
P46: I mean the melody and sound design were a result of back and forth efforts from us and Ryan (Kaskade) The vocal was written with Andrew Allen (who also wrote and performed on ‘Reasons’) and performed by a talented Canadian artist Steph Lang.
EM: Not many DJs continually give out free music like you guys. How did Pancake Fridays start and why is it important to you?
P46: The name Pancake Friday was kind of a joke to begin with. I wanted to do a weekly giveaway and call it something like freebie Friday, Thomas took over and posted the giveaway calling it Pancake Fridays and said if we were going to call it something stupid, we should call it something really stupid. People thought it was funny and liked it, and all of a sudden it out of nowhere it became our thing.


EM: This track was originally hard dance. How do you two feel about the genre? Do you actively listen to it?
P46: Hardstyle is cool. We don't actively listen to it but it is hard to ignore with so many of its elements crossing over into the current big room progressive house sound.


EM: What artists are on the nice list this year and who is on the naughty list? :)
P46: There have been a lot of great artist stories this year. I mean Hardwell and Krewella absolutely blew up, while our favorites DubVision released a bunch of amazing tracks as well. Also we do not really have any negative vibes for any artists.
EM: How do you plan to top 2013 in 2014?
P46: We have a big single coming out on January 27 with Laidback Luke and around that time you should also see a remix we did for Kaskade for his next single ‘Feeling the Night’
Then we go into album mode. We will have or first full length LP delivered by the end of March. So that is really exciting news. You should see a single from the album before that date though. Not sure when all the singles will come out or when the album will be released but we are really excited about this.
EM: Thanks guys! Awesome show at Ruby Skye btw.
P46: Thanks for coming to the show! San Francisco is always so much fun. I think we played there more times last year then any other city, expect for maybe New York. Great vibes.
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