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Avid Dancer – "Stop Playing With My Heart"

Jacob Dillan Summers, the Los Angeles pop wonder has really got our attention with his debut single, "Stop Playing With My Heart". Formerly a U.S. Marine, Avid Dancer has now come to be as Summers' musical venture, one that he has so far presented as a surf-rock and psych-pop infused being. Running along the same vein as Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Avid Dancer 

The track is diversely alternative, properly displaying his lovesick vocals in a retro-esque manner while sporting a steady 60s inspired rhythm. The lyrical content swoons helplessly yet hopefully, where Summers insists "you're the only one", and that "I just want to be where you are". 

The droney, washed out sound surely plays with our heart. 

Alternative · Pop · Psych-rock · Psychedelic


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