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Ciara - "One, Two Step" (Feat. Missy Elliot) (Benson Remix)

When was the last time you heard this Ciara single? Probably not since 2004, where it made a huge impact on top ten billboards and got every high schooler and pre teen terribly failing at trying to do this alleged 'one, two step' style of dance. From the catchy lyrics and featuring a major artist at the time, what was not to love about this pop single? Absolutely everything, this track still takes me back to my Friday nights spent drinking pop and using MySpace. Still riding that wave of nostalgia, Benson has done us all a favour by retouching this single with a trapped out beat, smooth kicks, and left the vocals perfectly intact for us to belch out along with. 

There's not much I can say about Jenkin Benson other than he is from United States. On Soundcloud he has hardly any attention for his work and rounds in at only 100 followers. Most of his songs have under 30 plays and his Soundcloud stream is full of reposts. If you enjoyed the remix of Ciara's notorious "One, Two Step" then I suggest you have a listen to some more of Benson's work below. From trap, dreamscape, hip hop instrumentals, and even grazing in downtempo, he manages to experiment with each style in a unique way. Highlights on the track "Color Blind," which is his latest original piece of work.  

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