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Beyoncé - "Drunk in Love" (Feat. Jay-Z) (Sir CRKS Chopped & Screwed Remix)

So on the night before last, Beyoncé came and conquered yet again by unexpectedly dropping an amazing visual album that features 14 new tracks and 17 accompanying videos. As Bey showed the world she didn't need a press campaign to connect with her fans and generate excitement prior to the release of her album, she embraces and flaunts her strong and respectable " Watch me do what I please with poise," attitude, which is amplified through each track and video. I've got much love for Beyoncé's album, but as great tracks drop, so do great reworks.

Sir CRKS, Houston based producer and chopped and screwed savage, brings his skills to one of Beyoncé's many R&B and hip hop infused tracks, "Drunk in Love" (featuring. Jay Z), a raunchy tribute to the couple's intoxicating love for each other and the addicting sexual encounters that stem from it. Sir CRKS kicks it off with Yoncé's deepened vocals, "Surfboard, surfboard, graining on that wood, graining on that wood." The slowed down, warped effect actually adds a trill sensuality to the track as it smoothly pulls the lyrics, making you hold on to each clearly and slowly enunciated word. 

"Drunk in Love" is undoubtedly fantastic, but Sir CRKS's chopped and screwed rework does the song some serious justice. Check it out below.


Hip-Hop · R&B


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