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Blaze P - The King's Ransom [EP]

Paul Weidel a.k.a. Blaze P started producing music many years ago. He has been working tirelessly on his craft, trying to bring a fresh sound to hip-hop music. P's hard work is starting to bear fruit with each passing studio session. Collaborating with Lupe FiascoWaleBun BJadakissSmif-N-WessunStatik Selektah, TermanologyREKSM.O.P. and many others, he has expanded his résumé to include emcee and writer.

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - Atmosphere</a></p>

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - Keep Us Down</a></p>

<strong>Stream:</strong><strong>Blaze P</strong> - That Thing You Want</a></p>

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - The Bridge</a></p>

Blaze P on his newest release The King’s Ransom, takes you on a journey through life and its inevitable complications. The song, "Atmosphere" is a fitting opening to The King's Ransom. Blaze P confidently flows over the spacey rap beat with vigor. "You belong in the atmosphere," P sings in the song’s chorus. Tracks like “The Bridge,” and “Skyline,” put P’s brashness on full display. However, tunes like the sentimental “Let You Know,” and “My Lead,” take you deep into his complex psyche. "In case we fall apart, I'm thinking I should let you know," he sings on "Let You Know." The closing track on The King's Ransom "My Lead" was written by talented songwriter Ricardo Campos, who recently passed away. "My Lead" is a fitting way to end the nearly 30 minute riveting experience, which is The King's Ransom. You can tell by listening to Blaze P’s music that he creates because he truly loves it and he looks forward to sharing his creations with the world.

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - Let You Know</a></p> 

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - Back Home</a></p> 

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - Skyline</a></p>

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Blaze P</strong> - My Lead (Written By Ricardo Campos)</a




 Blaze P

  The King's Random [EP]

  •   Anti Star
  •   2013-03-12

Alternative · Hip-Hop · Indie · Rap


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