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ZZ Ward - "365 Days" (Jerry Folk Remix) [Download]

Oregon's ZZ Ward released Til the Casket Drops in 2012, and it was hard to find a station on television or radio that wasn't playing "365 Days." Simply infectious, the piano and bluesy guitar do most of the word behind Ward's vocals. Jerry Folk, an eighteen year old from Oslo, remixed the track's spine into house chords, snapping bass, and Ward's soulful lyricism.

The eclectic and varied instrumentation – layers coming and going – leave you always wanting more. Crystal clear snaps, squealing leads, ethereal vocal loops appear and disappear. Instead of getting lost in these changes, Ward's empowered and poignant lyricism blurs the seams between the parts of the whole.



ZZ Ward

"365 Days" (Jerry Folk Remix)

Dance · Electronic


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  • What a great bassline in this song.Loving the funky vocal effects aswell

    Avatar dgmcclean December 14, 2013 6:12 AM Reply

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