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Anaxander - You Saved My Soul [EP]

Untamed by any concept of normality, French producer Anaxander quenches our thirst for more imaginative music with his most recent release on Dame - Music. You Saved My Soul speaks for itself as it is an interactive offering with plenty of pizzazz to make us "ooh" and "ahh" all the way through. Calling on Chicago double team,Innerspace Halflife, to hold the reigns on the re-work, things get slightly frenetic as both producers sketch out a quality abstract that aims at leaving you to expect the unexpected.

stream:Anaxander - You Saved My Soul (Sisters and Brothers)

While Anaxander's original "You Saved My Life" (Brothers and Sisters)" carries a gradually spooky demeanor that makes us think we're only headed to abyssal depths, the track lightens up with a fine keyboard melody that leads the track onto an unexpected happier mood. With sporadic claps to complement the already irregular jitter,  this track portrays that trademark Anaxander sound that goes unmatched. Innerspace Halflife plays around with our appetite for a low frequency sub-bass as their track performs an airy technique that gives us a grand sense of space. Careful not to overdue the reverb or delay, the two Chi city residents bring in an irresistible kick-drum dispatch in the latter portion sure to lift us from their grippy charms.

Stream: Anaxander - You Saved My Soul (Sisters and Brothers) - Innerspace Halflife Remix

Out now on digital, make sure you get your physical copy at your favorite record shop by next week.




You Saved My life

  • Dame-Music
  • 2013-12-16



Deep House


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