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Flying Horse – "Elvis '73" [Additional Soundwavve Remix]

New York City based duo, Phil Ceconi & Thom Bernard, known together as Flying Horse  have released their debut original track, "Elvis'73" on Tronic Youth Records.  Flying Horse has proved before they know how to make party music with their Scissor Sisters – 'Let's Have A Kiki' bootleg.  "Elvis '73" is full of deep piano riffs and electric synth that could make you dance all night.  The chest pounding pulse of the beat drives the piano riffs even harder making the whole song shake with electricity.  

The track is a straight up dance party, leaving you hungry for more, which you can get with Soundwavve's remix of "Elvis '73."  Flying Horse's original is a pulse pounding track, while (for lack of a better saying) Soundwavve takes this track one deeper.  


Flying Horse ALBUM ART

Flying Horse

"Elivs '73" + Soundwavve Remix

  • Tonic Youth Records


Dance · Deep House · House


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