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Blackedout – "Champagne" [Download]

Shortly after the release of Blackedout's self titled EP he is back with a mind bending atmospheric piece titled "Champagne". The track takes you on a journey through spacey rhythms and haunting pads which create a huge sound scape that carries the track into some interesting places. The production of this track is near perfect with every carefully designed sound sitting perfectly in it's place and letting the snappy drums cut through the atmospheric wall of sound. Lightly scattered throughout is a perfectly chopped sample from "It's A Shame" by The Spinners which delicately guides you through the twinkling bells that sit on top of this down tempo production.

The track will be available to download for free today and a follow up EP in early 2014. If this track is any example of what is to come early next year then it is set to be one hell of a release.

Ambient · Downtempo · Electronic


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  • I'm getting a sixties vibe with the beat hear.So smooth .Love it

    Avatar dgmcclean December 12, 2013 6:59 AM Reply

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