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The Holidays with EDX - No Xcuses 145 [Premiere]

Back on the decks with the 145th episode of his acclaimed radio show, No Xcuses, EDX again delivers the electro progressive sound we all crave. However, Maurizio Colella recently has taken it upon himself to expand the boundaries of his music and push passed what fans conventionally expect of him. "Reckless Ardor", which dropped yesterday on Enormous Tunes, marked a triumphant venture into the increasingly popular deep house sphere. Clocking in at 121 BPM, the chilled out track still contains that bright EDX air, coupled with pitched down vocals and a relaxed bass beat.

No Xcuses 145 features a breadth of different genres, and the festival-ready set makes way for "Reckless Ardor" towards the end. I'd have to say that Stefan Darbuck's remix of "Changes" really caught my attention, along with the unreleased Daniel Portman & Leventina track @45:45, which dips into something dark and heavy. Listen to episode 145 below and read on for some shop/holiday talk with EDX.

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EARMILK: First things first, you've began partnering with publications to release your radio show, No Xcuses. Why this change and new focus?
EDX: I felt like this would be a very great thing. I play lots of new, unreleased stuff in my show, and the weekly support and exposure on the different publications is amazing.
EM: You've created such a unique sound over the years. Do you ever get nervous releasing something rather different, like "Reckless Ardour“?
EDX: Yes, absolutely. It’s always a very creative thing when it comes to music. I sometimes may be nervous, but I just want to make music that I 100% feel myself and sometimes crossing boundaries is a great thing. "Reckless Ardor" is a record that I really feel a lot and I’m happy to incorporate my own EDX pluck sound in a much slower production than I am used to… Right now, I am working on something that is even slower. You will love it! It’s sexy and the vibe in incredible...
EM: You asked on what label your "Weapon" remix should be released. Does it ever seem surreal, that you've come so far to where labels vie for your songs?
EDX: I have already been making music and releasing for over 15 years. I have remixed so many great and talented artists, but I have to agree that I still feel very blessed about the fact I am still doing my thing and that this is absolutely what I love to do…. "Weapon" is a great song. There are so many great comments from fans all over the world. I played it and Avicii added it to his podcast. Looking forward to a release in 2014.
EM: How do you think electronic music has changed (both good and bad) since you began producing?
EDX: Music is always in progress for me. As long as you can feel the positive vibe and see all the reactions from the audience, you know you are on the right track… The EDM boom in the USA has definitely changed the approach that kids are taking all over the world. I started to go back to my own signature sound this past year as I felt there has been a big saturation of this kind of, very noisy, festival sound over the last few months. This doesn’t mean I don’t dig it. I dig it, but it’s not what I really feel or grew up with. It’s just great that EDM started many decades back and is still in evolution. There is all the enthusiasm out there that makes me really happy with what I am able to do and live for.
EM: With the holidays coming up, which artists would you put on the naughty list and which on the nice list?
EDX: I really like Nora En Pure, her music is magical… My English is very bad and Italian influenced, so I am not sure what you mean with naughty list… :)
EM: Do you have any holiday traditions you keep, even though you are often traveling during this time of year?
EDX: Yes, I will meet my family and celebrate. Already telling my mum to not cook too much… hahaha, most of them live in Zurich as well. I fly in from the west coast on the 23rd and I fly out to South America for my New Years tour on the 25th. Family comes first for me…
Tracklist - **Unreleased - *World Premiere
01: Audien feat. Ruby Prophet – Circles (Original Mix)
02: Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Extended Mix)
03: Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)
04: Tony Junior feat. Mr. Wilson – Escapade (John Dählback Remix)**
05: Arty – Flashback
06: EDX – Warped Minds (ID Remix)**
07: FAUL & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Changes (Stefan Dabruck Remix)**
08: Promise Land – Bad DJ (Original Mix)
09: Ivan Gough, Walden, & Jebu feat. Penelope Austin – Home (Stefan Dabruck Remix)
10: Dyro feat. Radboud – You Gotta Know (Original Mix)
11: Daniel Portman & Leventina – ID (Original Mix)*/**
12: EDX – Reckless Ardor (Original Mix)
13: Solution – Feels So Right (WhiteNoize Remix)*
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