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Big Gigantic - "Touch The Sky"

I used to only think of Big Gigantic as “the guys with the saxophone”. One view of their evolved live show though, and it’s easy to understand how the Colorado duo represent so much more than a one-instrument afterthought. The brass and bass pair provide a truly unique offering in electronic music, jumping from horn-laden dubstep and electro house to freestyle saxophone. They’re as likely to appear on Jam Cruise as they would be Holy Ship!! (spoiler alert: they were the only act on both last year).

Diving further into Big Gigantic’s productions, there are even more eclectic offerings, with funky originals and classic hip-hop remixes that include the likes of Jay-Z and Talib Kweli. Coming this February will be the debut album, The Night Is Young, and we’ve been treated to a sneak preview of the lead single. If this one’s a look at what’s to come, then we’re in for a full-length packed with genre-bending jams. From big room bass drops to jazzy sax interludes, there’s no shortage of surprises, especially the double time hardstyle breakdown around three minutes. No word on official release, but lots to look forward to out of Big G’s camp in 2014.

Bass · Electro Swing


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