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Dally Auston - "Save It" (Prod. SMOKO)

SaveMoney's Westside emcee, Dally Auston, return this week with a brand new single to lace fan's ears. Since the release of his debut project, The Wood, back in May, Auston has built a fanbase addicted to his laidback flow that often contains hidden gems and hides deceptively deep lines. Even though he is from Chicago, he often sounds more like California underground artists from the 90's, especially when he rhymes over Madlib samples. However, this time around he puts all of the commentary away, in order to make sure his opposition understands what he is all about.

On "Save It," SMOKO gives Auston one of the  most spacey, trance like beats he has rapped on, and he handles it perfectly. Instead of allowing the production to envelop him, he resists and spit some of the hardest bars of his young career. He isn't begging some higher power to help him through his issues, instead he is baiting his haters to jump into the ring with him. While he might be discussing a group in particular, it feel more like a motivational track for himself. Throughout the track, if you listen carefully, you can hear him chanting "I've got to grind", Dally reminding himself that he has a mission to accomplish. The entire concept is defiance, he is telling his critics to "save it", but he isn't just blindly burning down bridges; rather, he is asking someone to step up and practice what they preach or just stay quiet. It is a cool idea and message, one that isn't normally expected in these type of tracks.

If you have checked out Dally Auston's mixtape, you are missing out on one of Chi-town's best kept secrets. Head down to his soundcloud, so you can get a fuller picture of his style and sound. It is worth every minute of it.

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