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EARMILK Interview: CLANCY [Exclusive Mix]

The emerging English producer CLANCY first caught my ear when I came across his infectious tune "All Just In My Mind" a few months back. Known for his deep disco-laced house productions, CLANCY, who took his moniker from his surname (real name Richard Clancy), has been playing around with production for the past six years. Two years ago, he began taking his mixing skills more seriously, and since then, CLANCY has been crafting soulful house outputs coated with throwback '80s appeal.

Gaining praise for his first extended play What You Do, the Manchester-bred, London-based producer delivered listeners warm basslines with sprawling vocals on the 4-track outing. Even more recently, CLANCY hopped on The Magician's remix package of "When The Night Is Over," scaling the track back into something closer to his deep roots. Now CLANCY has taken a moment out of his increasingly busy schedule to put together an hour-long exclusive mix for EARMILK, showcasing fellow rising house talent.

EARMILK: Describe your sound and how you began creating your signature sound.
CLANCY: Essentially my sound is house music – deep, electronic and with a groove. I've been listening to electronic music ever since I can remember, so when I started to make music I always had an idea of the direction I wanted to take it. In terms of creating a specific sound, it tends to come quite organically – it's a case of just going with what I'm feeling, which more often than not is the sound you hear today.
EM: Much of your music follows the '80s & '90s inspired disco/R&B house resurgence that seems to be happening. Explain your thoughts on the evolution of music and how the resurgence has impacted your music, if it has at all.
C: Music is always evolving and quite often it's past influences which help to push it on – personally I'm inspired by all sorts of eras and genres – I love guitars, and quite often I'll write basslines and grooves on the guitar first and then convert this into something electronic. I actually find my biggest inspiration is current music and artists – there's so much great music out there right now it really gives you a kick up the arse to crack on and create something new!
EM: Across Europe house music has always seemed to be king, while in the US dubstep and hard electro have taken the main stages. What differences do you see in the European dance music scene and the US scene?
C: On the face of it, it does seem that way, house music has always been a big part of European music and currently in the US, big bass and hard electronic dance is massive. But lot's of European artists are coming over to America on really successful tours right now and doing sold out shows - so when you dig a little deeper really it's not that different.
EM: You recently released a four track EP on the Dirt Crew Records imprint SPIEL, which was your first extended release, what went into the creative process of putting these tracks together?
C: I wanted to create something that worked in the club first and foremost – as I've been DJing more and more you get to know what works well on the dancefloor and ultimately what makes people want to dance. It's a great feeling playing your own tracks and seeing everyone go nuts for it and I've taken this on even more so on my upcoming tracks.
EM: All of the titles/lyrics seem to relate back to "you," is the "you" someone specific you are making music for or about?
C: I hadn't actually realized that until you just pointed it out! I'm making music for everyone, so the 'you' can refer to the listener, or someone the listener is thinking about – it's completely subjective.
EM: With the festival season over and the year coming to an end, what is next for you?
C: My next EP comes out early in the new year on Dirt Crew's sub label SPIEL. I've got other original tracks which are finished that will be coming out in Feb/March/April and some remixes grouped in and around that. I'll also be doing DJing along the way with lot's of exciting stuff planned for 2014!
EM: If you could collaborate with anyone right now who would be?
C: David August – the guy is immense
EM: For people who are not familiar with you and your music what would you like them to know about CLANCY?
C: That I'm massively thankful to everyone who has supported me and the music so far – anyone who has written about it, bought it, shared it, played it…really means a lot!

 Track List:

1. Lukas - Narwhals
2. Edu Imbernon & Coyu - Open Air (Tube & Berger Remix)
3. Cy Humphreys - Hedgehogs & Humans
4. Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
5. Klaue & Tatz - Bringin It (Ben Remember Remix)
6. Pammin - There You Go (Karmon Remix)
7. Matt.Joe - Lookin For You
8. DAVI - The Bay (pt 2)
9. John Monkman - Now or Never
10. James Welsch - Sent
11. Rory Phillips - Circuit
Dance · Deep House · House


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