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Jus-Ed - "Thank you for being a friend"

Jus-Ed must be one of the hardest working Dj/Producers in the game. Other than running his own business and raising a family aside from music, his label, Underground Quality, frequently puts out some solid, straight-forward, deep house cuts. He's also the man responsible for bringing out and exposing the likes of Fred P, Levon Vincent, and Aybee (just to name a few) to the world. A true father figure for the underground New York scene. His new single "Thank You For Being A Friend" is a tribute to his friends past and present. The beats are striped back and piano chords uplifting. Alison Crockett does a lovely job giving the lyrics a little extra warmth and meaning with that beautiful voice of hers. This is true deep, soulful house. The release is available now on vinyl but is unknown whether it'll be available in digital format in the future. 


Support Jus-Ed and buy his records (from your nearest record shop) or digital from the source, him!



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