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Bondax - "Fires" (Feat. Josh Record)

Bondax, the electronic duo extraordinaire, pulled a fast one on us recently, but no one is complaining. Their claim to fame is their unique approach to lacing electronic beats together in order to form styles of anything from house, to downtempo, to chillwave. Their reach has expanded far and wide, resulting in their snowballing popularity in the underground electronic music scene. Being one of the hot commodities as of late, the anticipation for any new material from them overwhelming and tangible. Lucky for us, Bondax decided to throw us a bone to ease our ears. They just recently released a surprise tuned called "Fires", featuring to the soulful vocals of Josh Record. In this particular song, Bondax turns the dial down a notch. It's a smooth, chilled out track with an r&b spin thanks the singing style of Record. As usual, their production is clean, and lacking any unnecessary effects which gives their work that delightful weightlessness at times. Bondax has already recruited an enormous fanbase within a few years, and it will be only a matter of time before they share the spotlight with the big dogs.

Warm up to "Fires" below.

Electronic · R&B


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