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Arttu – "UFO Funkin'" / "Passing Out Privileges" [EP]

A musician enamoured by the stench of aged house flavors, Arttu Snellman–better regarded simply as Arttu–leaves his mark on Clone's sister label, Royal Oak, once more. Seemingly overdue for a release this year, many loyal followers are sure to rejoice with a return like this. Making sure to include a, per usual, house specialty of juicy beats and oozed out grooves, his latest double header  titled, "UFO Funkin'"/ "Passing Out Privileges", will make you reconsider your list of favorite jackin' tracks, at the very least.

Stream: Arttu – UFO Funkin'

"UFO Funkin'" yields to nothing and feels like we've just landed on a different planet adorned with spinning records and flashin' disco balls… sounds like quite the party to crash, right? The unprocessed aesthetic in Arttu's music goes widely appreciated by many, and this track represents that feature well. Chopped up diva-vocals add to the track's goody factor that makes the music irresistibly danceable. "Passing Out Privileges"  works as the great opposition. On vocals, Jerry The Cat slows down the pace and gives us a stellar lesson on the universality of music, partying, and dancing. Constantly saying things like,  "No V.I.P. rooms tonight. Everybody's the same; We all sweat the same.", there's much we can learn from Jerry The Cat. With a worldview like that, he already has my vote for Prez.

Stream: Arttu – Passing Out Privileges feat. Jerry the Cat

Inclusive of the two instrumental versions, make sure you grab your copy of "UFO Funkin'"/ "Passing Out Privileges" while you can; A release this hot won't stay on shelves far too long.




"UFO Funkin'" / "Passing Out Privileges" [EP]

  • Clone Royal Oak
  • 2013-12-02




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