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Pretty Lights – "One Day They'll Know" (ODESZA Remix)

Pretty Lights has been a constant staple in the electronic community. As the scene has evolved he has been a leading innovator while still holding the core values of his sound in tact. His latest release A Color Map Of The Sun was beautiful venture in to analog producing that received rave reviews. Following the heels of its release, Pretty Lights has begun teasing a full remix album. A Color Map Of The Sun Remixes will be available for free download (hell yeah!) on December 10th. For those pining to hear the album in its entirety you can stream it over here.

One notable track from the album is a Odesza remix of “One Day They’ll Know.” Odesza has been making a big ruckus in the game with his melodic yet upbeat productions. This remix of One Day is nothing short of beautiful. Odesza flexes his creative muscle in this remix, complete reconstructing the original in to a glitchy harmonious banger. The song builds and breaks at all the right moments, like the cascading of waves as the tide swells. This remix is one of many other exceptional tracks from the upcoming album. Other artists on the album include Herobust, Free N Losh,  SuperVision, and Datsik. Be sure to snag the album on the 10th but in the meantime vibe out to this stellar remix.

Bass · Dance · Electro Soul


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