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Lil Bibby - "Change" [Video]

There has to be something in Chicago's water, what else can possibly explain the fact that there seems to be an infinite stream of talented emcees all washing up on hip hop's shore, at the same time. It feels like last week we were talking about Lil Durk; a little bit before that Vic Mensa dominated all conversation, quickly usurping Lucki Eck$ throne; since April, Chance the Rapper stature has grown exponentially, especially underground, and it was little over a year since Chief Keef released his major label debut. There are definitely artists missing from that timeline, which only emphasizes one simple point: the Windy City has a firm grasp on the underground and is starting to bum rush the mainstream.

Lil Bibby hopes to continue in this tradition, showing signs of some serious street potential. His debut mixtape, aptly titled Free Crack, will probably be overlooked on a lot of publications' "end of year" lists, which is a travesty. While he doesn't look a day over sixteen, he possesses both the gruff and lyrical content of a harden individual. Majority of his rhymes detail life on the South Side, which is hauntingly personal, often sad, and reveling in its terror, but also a common speaking point for rappers coming out of the Second City. What sets him a part is his incredible word play that doesn't come at the behest of his gangsta vibe. Almost every track has a rewind moment, where you can't go any further without fully grasping and appreciating what he just said. 

His most recent video, "Change", is a perfect example of his style. The Honorable C. N.O.T.E. creates a banger as cold as Chicago in January, but as lively as its underworld. It might destroy speakers if played too loud, and its bass may cause full on earthquakes. Bibby speaks on enemies trying to prey on him, due to his status, but not giving in or running away scared, which the video displays extremely well. When his connect tries to sell him fake product, Bibby and his crew mount up and handle the situation, regulator style. He gives off an air of cool calmness when he describes the act, which makes him sound tougher and deadlier. It is a testament to his great creative pen game.

Lil Bibby has some stiff competition in his home town, as he continues to fight to get noticed, but so far he seems to have a winning combination. His skills with words and his all around aura will make listeners, who crave street rap, gravitate towards him. You should definitely check out his mixtape, Free Crack, and his soundcloud to listen to some of his older freestyles to get a better understanding of his sound.

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