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Douglas Dare - "Lungful"

Douglas Dare, why have I just found you? "Lungful", hailing off the London-based artist's EP titled Seven Hours, is probably the most stunning thing I have heard in a while. Released off of Erased Tapes back in late September of this year, the conjunction of singer/songwriter aesthetics with an alternative pop twist is a perfect match in my books. 

"Lungful" takes instances of what we might associate with artists like Patrick Watson or Nils Frahm and transforms them into four minutes of pure, downtempo bliss. With tinges of experimental electronica, listeners witness a true exploration of sonic space, transcending across genres. 

The track, resemblant of the rest of the EP, proves strange, yet cascading, manifesting its meaning in our emotional response. The atmospheric piano notes, sporadic and often off-kilter, depict the intelligence and craft that exists behind "Lungful". 

Alternative · Ambient · Neoclassical · Pop


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