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Croatia Squad – All Alone [EP]

Switzerland has a new nu disco bomb on its hands that is about to explode. Croatia Squad has had a 2013 where they're just beginning to get noticed from their remixes and their hit "Be Good to Me," but this week marks the release of an impressive 2-track EP entitled All Alone. Out on Enormous Tunes, the EP features some serious slow-mo vocals that seem to be the group's signature. The stand out track here is by far "Give it all Away," which if you're a fan of Brandy, you'll notice the choice sample from her 2008 hit "Right Here." Chopped and screwed with some cheerful bells, it'll make your day, and your music library. 

Croatia Squad – Give it all Away (Original Mix) 

Stream:  Give it All Away (Original Mix)

Stream: Croatia Squad – All Alone (Original Mix)

Croatia Squad

All Alone

  • Enormous Tunes
  • 11/25/2013


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