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Thony Ritz – In Da Mix [Exclusive Mixtape]

End of the year 90, beginning of the year 2000, France manages to attract the international press thanks to a bunch of young particularly inspired electro producers which are to release federator tubes. Inspired by house music, while drawing its roots in funk and disco music, it gives birth to many callings: a new generation of kids who know their Cassius, their Daft Punk, and their Alan Braxe by heart. Frenchman Thony Ritz takes history where these glorious elders left it. Based in Vernon, as a teenager he discovers the filtered house music and the samples of this movement, and sees them as a true revelation. Influenced by funk music, disco music and Jean Michel Jarre, he has listened to since his childhood, he produces his first pieces at the age of 10 with a binary synthetizer and records his first tracks on Amiga trying to imitate the author of Oxygene.

After a first successful album, Night City, and quality EPs like Moonwalker and Workbench, the French producer Thony Ritz  comes back with a new hot release titled Star Riders, announcing his forthcoming second album Out Of Control. Creativity and inspiration will be the two qualifiers of this new production. Star Riders gathers Thony’s musical influences which are funk and french touch music. By a magic wand’s hit there you go with 6 tracks: two originals and four remixes with different styles, from artists like Buggin', Kn1ght, Meridian and Dust & Passion 4. Release date was the 25th of November. For this special event Thony made a massive mixtape for you dear EARMILK readers. You can stream and download it for free here.


Thony Ritz

Star Riders

  • Lightbox Records
  • 25.11.2013


Dance · Electro · Exclusive · Mixtape


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  • what is the remix that was used for dont stop the music!

    eric December 3, 2013 10:27 AM Reply

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