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Rome Fortune- Easter Pimp (Chopped by OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick) [EP]

Few genres are able to match the laid-back atmosphere of a good chopped & screwed tape; they are tailored made to be as chill as codeine's, the cough syrup consumed during the creative process, side effects. Everything is slowed down to an almost impossible pace, creating demonic sounding vocals, interesting percussion patterns, and real deep low end sounds that seem to last forever. Its the perfect music to listen to when you are close to comatose, barely able to hold your head up, three blunts deep, with two Styrofoam cups on deck.  

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When good DJ's chop an artist project up, they're personal technique adds a whole new dimension to the music. DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C have made a career of remixing various artists' mixtapes, garnering a fair amount of praise from those who follow the movement heavily. Most recently, they decided to chop up Rome Fortune, the Atlanta rapper, who is slowly bringing his own brand of swag to the region normally associated to strip clubs and trap houses. On Easter Pimp, the three explore the  overlooked melodies and rhythms of four tracks, creating some truly memorable moments along the way. 

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Rome Fortune's style is already relaxed and trill in it's own right, but once chopped, listeners gain the ability to easily hear the dope lines they would normally have to look up on lyric sites. "Ice Cream" is blessed with beautiful production from Childish Major, but Fortune's hustler anthem lyrics take center stage; motivating those around to get to the cream, which is the mentality of winners. Perhaps, his best lyrical work comes is found on "Never Stray", the last track and easily a standout. Not normally one for sentimental outpourings, he breaks from his usual mold and discusses his pursuit of a girl that is looked down upon. Incredibly well told and emoted, the song will make you stop and think for a little. DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C emphasize the vocal sample in the background, which further builds on the sad tone of the track.

Easter Pimp is a welcomed change of pace, but don't expect Fortune to sound like this for no on. He is currently working on his next project, due out early next year. OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick have a chopped up a plethora of tracks from various artists, maybe even a few from your favorite artist. You should definitely check them out, and keep an eye out for their future releases. 


Rome Fortune Easter Pimp

Rome Fortune

Easter Pimp

  • Chopped by OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick
Chopped & Screwed · Hip-Hop


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