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We first covered the FRXXMASONS seven months ago, noting their ransom note, anti-social email style, and complete lack of tact. Despite their spooky ways, FRXXMASONS have delivered on the initial promise with a powerful, sexy, and dangerous electronic/R&B/downtempo EP. As seen in the video premiered, all we can expect from this crew is the gangster style of the music industry. A unorthodox style that has been making a buzz on forums such as Kanye West, the sound itself is difficult to describe.

It sounds a little like Shlohmo, with some screwed down Drake and a pinch of "Waters Run Dry", skating rink fodder. But let's be honest - we loved the songs at the skating rink. If skating rink music can grow up, put on a ski mask, and still be sexy, this is it. FRXXMASONS return to EARMILK for their FRXXMASONS EP, singing love songs while wearing ski masks - because that's just what they do.

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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