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Art Boy Sin - Carnival EP [Premiere + Download]

Today we have an exclusive premiere from an artist from one of the hottest independent labels around at the moment, 6J Recordings. Art Boy Sin is a singer and producer wonderkid hailing out of Brooklyn, New York, who dropped out of art school to focus on his music. A chance meeting with 6J recordings, who were in New York on a business trip, made the two parties agree on locking down his Carnival EP project and getting it to the masses.

And today, we finally have the completed Carnival EP, and what a dope body of work it is. The eclectic mix of sounds on this EP range from 80's Prince-like funkiness, to more lo-fi smooth songs that are more relaxed. Opening track "Pirates" is a laid back R&B influenced slow jam with tinges of electro as well as some auto tuned vocals that wouldn't sound out of place on Yeezus. Title track "Carnival" brings those 1980's funk drenched drumbeats, with some slick vocals that really show the range that Art Boy can hit. "Funeral" brings a more sinister tone to the EP, with a pounding kick drum throughout, mixed with lo-fi snares and some 90's sounding synth lines topped off by a catchy chorus. The next track is "Neon Gods", which sees a crooning Art Boy smoothly singing his way through the track, backed by some warm group vocals on the chorus. The tinkley-like nature of the piano is one of the strongest parts of the track, as well as the memorable bassline.

The final track is "Candles", and is possibly my favourite off the whole EP. Instead of closing Carnival off with a slow, soft ballad, Art Boy took us right back to the party, with funked up synths on top of a real body mover of a beat, as he releases his inner Prince all over this song. With a really catchy hook that fits in really well to the rest of the song, "Candles" has shown that Art Boy can collide both the old school vibes that influenced his music, and the more modern sounds of the music industry today.

The Carnival EP is testament to the hard work that Ary Boy has put into his craft, and also a shining example of why 6J Recordings are a label to look out for. Alongside this EP, the label are also releasing the new Johnny Rain album Villain and the LaShaun Ellis EP as well. You can stream the Carnival EP below and pick up the free download from his website


Art Boy Sin

Carnival EP

  • 6J Recordings
  • 19th November, 2013

Funk · Indie · Neo-Soul


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