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Piff Gang - "247" [Download]

Say hello to my latest hip hop crush, Piff Gang, a 10-man UK based hip hop collective that has been so slept on it's disgusting. These guys are undoubtedly talented and such a refreshing addition to the realm of hip hop. Piff Gang is what you get when you mix weed, old school vibes, and that new school east coast rap edge we all love. It's fantastic. Although their latest video premiere of "Middle Finger" via The Fader is something to definitely check out, (It's my favorite track by them so far), my curiosity led me to their Soundcloud, which is a goldmine of music that's currently 76 tracks deep.

"247" is yet another track laced with the Piff Gang attitude that just yells "Fuck the bullshit, I'm on my grind." And can we really argue? It's  clearly another testament to the deeply rooted talents of these young bulls. Comprised of Don Silk, Young Skout, Phaze One, Super Dertie, Skits, Prince Bam, J Rells, Budgie, Crankz, and DJ Motive, Piff Gang shows that rolling deep doesn't dilute their talent, but rather amplifies it. Each member contributes their own twist on lyricism and shows that they can individually hold their own. "247" comes off as an intimate anthem, as each member asserts confidence in their abilities while delving into the hardships they face in today's rap game. No need to worry though, these guys are tough and have no intention of backing down. As they so perfectly put it, "All day, everyday I get it."

Piff Gang has a promising future, and I can't wait to hear more from them. 



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