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Jimmy Edgar - Mercurio [EP]

It seems as though any creative endeavour Jimmy Edgar takes on is simply fated to work—big time. From his color-flashy airbrush creations, to the fun modular sounds he wires together, there’s no denying that the Detroit-born turned Berlin-based producer works hard around the clock. His EP , Mercurio, comes as the third release from the club-centered label, Ultramajic, which he co-runs with Travis Stewart (the other half of the JETS project). With a trifecta of dance tracks this good, you’ll feel like Christmas came early this year.

Stream:Jimmy Edgar - Ultraviolet

“Ultraviolet” is the modular giant that is tuned to get the party going in pure J. Edgar style. Here he flexes his synthesis ability and makes it the focal-point of the track. Listening to this will automatically add radiant color to your life. Seriously. “Qlinda” reminds me of a former and—at  times even—futuristic Edgar sound. As he slows things down and implements the diva-vocal samples that yell “Feel Gooood”, it’s hard to feel any other way. It’s the track title, however, that takes the cake at the end. “Mercurio” is a party anthem that should be in everyone’s work out playlist. Jittery and full of  bounce, this’ll keep you moving ‘til the last beat.  

Stream:Jimmy Edgar - Mercurio

artwork LVX003

Jimmy Edgar


  • Ultramagic
  • 2013-11-18




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7 years ago

thnx! will repost but please know its @ULTRAMAJIC not ultramagic. :)