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Franko Fraize – "Treasures" (Feat. Kamilla Lovett) [Video]

Somewhere along the line, all recognisably gifted artists will produce something that immediately draws you in- something that strikes a chord instantaneously and makes you think, 'they've really hit the nail on the head there'. These crowning moments are very few and far between – if attainable at all for some artists – so it’s only fitting that rap's collective cap be tipped to Franko Fraize for his latest release , “Treasures”.

The male/female relationship has been celebrated and lamented in a million different ways and songs since time began, almost to the point where it’s begun to lose its relevance. Franko’s own representation is something altogether more relatable and close to home; an everyday portrait of off-and-on relationships that comprehensively characterises and resonates with the current generation; something that hasn't really been done effectively in UK rap since the The Streets.

This was both recognised and endorsed by English rap wizard/XFM DJ, Scroobius Pip, when Franko went on the XFM Beatdown with Childish Gambino last Saturday night to premier the track; in an industry saturated with overnight Youtube success and ceaseless mixtape releases, it would seem 2014 will be the year that sees the persistence and authenticity of Franko Fraize finally prevail. Kamilla Lovett graces the track with some sweet, young British lungs to provide a timeless hook over some wicked production by Hip Hop heavyweight, The Last Skeptik, with the immensely talented Jay Malhotra also lending his expertise; all in all it’s the type of track the only comes round once every few years. 

For those of you unfamiliar with his work up until now, imagine a stylistic amalgamation of GhostpoetSkinnyman and Mike Skinner himself – the latter being a known admirer and supporter of the Thetford MC- and you’ll have gone some way towards defining this seemingly familiar yet  totally individual persona. Franko’s next EP is set to drop in the new year around February, although there’s no exact release date or title as of yet, the video for “Treasures” (which can be seen below) is more than enough reason for you to keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked until it does. 

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  • One of the best of many, nice one FF

    Nige B November 14, 2013 5:36 PM Reply
  • Franko kills it again!!!!

    roaring ranger December 2, 2013 4:32 PM Reply

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