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Shit Robot - "We Got A Love" (Feat. Reggie Watts) (Paul Woolford Remix)

As if falling in love with Shit Robot's original wasn't enough, we've spotted a brand new remix that also makes our hearts and ears warm. The UK based DJ and producer Paul Woolford took on the challenge of adding a well-crafted twist to "We Got A Love," and boy did he deliver. Woolford takes this wonderful melting pot of groovy beats and soulful vocals and gives it some extra "umph" without killing the poppy disco vibe. While the original is founded on a wonderful balance of bass, synth, and Reggie Watts, Woolford's remix switches up the symmetry by giving more leeway to bass, shining a different light on Watt's vocals, and giving us an additional 2 minutes of magic to fawn over. After listening to this track for the first time, I thought "This should be playing in clubs everywhere." I love my fair share of deep house, but I can't deny that I've been craving some more soul. So you can imagine how content I was to find this spot on mix of the two. 

Overall, I think the important points to grab from this are: Shit Robot is awesome. Paul Woolford is as well, and Reggie Watts, (yes, the stand up comedian) has a spectacular voice. The talents of these three guys on one track was bound to result in something great.

With that said, stream this below and have a wonderful day.



Dance · Deep House · Electronic


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