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The Incomparable Shakespeare – "Franklin Jackson" (Feat. Troy Ave)

Brooklyn's The Incomparable Shakespeare returns with a new cut off his forthcoming mixtape. Renowned NY radio station Power 105 debuted the track last week. "Franklin Jackson" is another record with the classic old school hip-hop feel. Produced by DJ R.L., the man behind the authentic mixing and scratching we heard on #InvincibleDream, "Franklin Jackson" finds the BK emcee out for presidents to represent him. Nodding to the infamous Nas line, Shake's efforts to revive the era of New York hip-hop that once was at the forefront of the game doesn't go unnoticed. He brings along Troy Ave, who just released his New York City album, for the ride.  Check the record out below, and stay tuned for By Any Dreams Necessary.




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  • Check it out y'all!!! “: #EARMILK : The Incomparable Shakespeare – "Franklin … – http://t.co/cPUNnHlZiw @shakybaby @troyave”

    Shakespeare November 12, 2013 12:14 PM Reply
  • Sake and Troy killed this. Dope single.

    BKFlacco November 12, 2013 4:53 PM Reply

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