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Moiez – "City On A Hill" (Feat. Anoop Desai)

Young Canadian Moiez has just dropped his debut track in collaboration with London based Cr2 Records. The song, "City On A Hill" features vocals from Anoop Desai, and you may recognize this guy from being a top 10 contestant on American Idol. While Moiez can usually show off with his versatility within several genres, this track is all progressive house and you won't find me complaining about it. The slower tempo segments are complimented with Desai's vocals before shifting back into high gear with the uplifting chords and light drum beats. This track offers up a big room sound that will get you outside of your montonous dance moves but is still gentle enough for your everday listening.



"City On A Hill" (Feat. Anoop Desai)

Dance · Electro · House · Progressive


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