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What So Not – "Touched" [Download]

Harley Streten and Chris Emerson (with their solo acts Flume and Emoh Instead) compose the Sydney duo What So Not, dropping bangers that set venues on fire. After some extensive touring, they’re finishing work on their forthcoming Singles. “Touched” is one of the very first tracks the duo worked on, and it’s release marks the third year anniversary of the group’s inception. Opening from Flume-like origins, the synth flavor, rain sample, and bouncing percussion set the tone for the track—which change after less than a minute into club vocal samples and pitching bass.  The sound is one of discourse, a back and forth between collaborators, and with artists like these, it's more than enough to just listen. In fact, you won’t want the conversation to stop.



What So Not


  • 11/6/13
Dance · Electro · Electronic · Trap


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