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Four Tet – "Kool FM" [Remixes]

Kieran Hebden, the wonder mind behind Four Tet, has given us plenty of food for thought this past year. After revealing that he is, in fact, the musical enigma known as Burial, he dropped a phenomenal album on his own Text imprint titled, Beautiful Rewind. As a special addition to this, he now releases two remixes of his heady track, "Kool FM", that are an enjoyment, to say the least. Calling on both Champion and Container to sprinkle some of their glamour to the tune, they rework and batter unique interpretations that are worth a listen.

Stream: Four Tet – Kool FM (Champion remix)

Champion's rendition,  jumpy and animated, secures this track as an all-floor ace that's already been dubbed by Hebden himself as "the big tune" in his DJ sets. But did we really expect anything else from the Champion? Container's remix is a whole other story, to be honest. If the title of the track hadn't suggested so, I would never know this massive tune stems from "Kool FM". Full of machine-friendly distortion and eerie chords that maintain the same cerebral capacity of the original, brace yourself for the ride you're about to embark on once you hit 'play'.

Stream: Four Tet – Kool FM (Container remix)


Kool FM (Remixes)

Four Tet

"Kool FM" [Remixes]

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