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Store N Forward – "Sauerkraut"

Thomas Boldt and Christian Steinweg might not have an official slogan yet, but under the name Store N Forward they've gotten naming their tracks down to a science, as well as proving to us that good product precedes good marketing. The German trance duo continues their streak of naming things after their native foods (like their last original release "Schnitzel") to release "Sauerkraut" out on Afterglow this week. The melody here has something special about it, making it goose bump inducing and creating an emphatic feeling of nostalgia even though it's a production that is technically brand new. Listening to "Sauerkraut" will have to make you just let that smile happen, and maybe get you in the mood for some bratwurst. Lucky for us, the guys detail their own recipe for the specialty in the official video for the song below.

Store N Forward’s “Sauerkraut” Recipe 
1 x white cabbage 
2 x 500 ml calf stock 
2 x apple 
2 x red onions (medium size) to be cut 
4 x potatoes (medium size) to be grated 
1 x 300g Speck to be cut to small cubes 
Tasting with salt, pepper & herb 

The right order to be seen in the video. 
Cooking time around 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how soft you want the cabbage.

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