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Tokyo Shawn - "World Turning" (Feat. Joey Purp) [Video]

Tokyo Shawn has been impressing us at EARMILK for a while, particularly with his beautiful track, "I Know You," which came out a little whiles back. Since then, we'd been curious about what he'd been up to, and it seems like we finally got an answer. 

He's released the visuals for "World Turning," which is nothing short of perfection featuring the SAVEMONEY members in some high fashion clothes, fresh whips, and in good company of a nice lady. The lyrics flow just as smooth as their video shines, and big props to the producer of the track, Caleb James, for providing a sick beat. While there happens to be a saying that movie sets that have a good time turn out poor movies, that doesn't seem to be the case here. Joey Purp and Tokyo Shawn look like they had a great time, and still produced a fun music video to top it off. 

The young Chicago rapper will be releasing Wave Theory soon. 

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