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Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - Down For This [EP]

Charted as one of Off Recordings' most bearing acts, it comes to no surprise that the German duo Mat.Joe supply the 75th release for the label. Complimenting their own forte of rhythm and beats, this time they add some spark to their glow by teaming up with Berlin vocalist and producer, Kevin Knapp.  The EP not only consists of two original tracks that highlight Knapp's vocals over irresistible house and disco beats, but even features a sleek remix of "Down For This" by the Italian double-team, Dirty Channels.

Stream:Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - Beneath The Moon feat. Kevin Knapp (Original Mix)

Track title "Down For This" opens up to a throwback hip-hop knock  and cheerful attitude that include Knapp's lyrics egging us on to dance the entire way through. As the beat goes on, the subtle switch-off to house and disco take me back to what the New York music scene had going on during the late 70's and early 80's. Next, "Beneath The Moon" slows things down and gives us the deep-end to both the lyrics and production style.  The smooth bassline stays as alive as Knapp's vocals do, and it's an enhancing feeling that pulsates beautifully. Dirty Channels' remix of "Down For This" closes things up with style. Whereas the original took us to the street corners of New York, this remix embodies the toughness of Chicago's underground that revolves around heavy drum machines and funky grooves. With so much good stuff packed , make sure you don't skip out on this one!

Stream:Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - Down For This (Dirty Channels Remix)


Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp

Down For This

  • OFF
  • 2013-11-05
Dance · House


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