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Wilks – Bring Me Home [EP]

Fresh off Prep School Recordings is a new EP from Los Angeles based producer Wilks titled Bring Me Home. The Bring Me Home record features a fresh deep house production rounded out by hauntingly smooth vocals from Bria Park. Complimented by a sexy deep bass and techno influences, "Bring Me Home" features the deeper emotional side of Wilks' music. Juxtaposing "Bring Me Home" is "Get It Poppin." With a brilliant use of sax and piano riffs, this track is geared to get the dance floor grooving and grinding to its infectious deep vibes.

Both songs show a different side of Wilks' music, who verbalized his thoughts on the EP saying, "my ultimate goal is to push musical boundaries and create something that is both thoughtful and danceable. I draw inspiration from the wide range of music I listened to growing up and apply it to current dance music sensibilities," says Wilks. "I never plan how a song is going to turn out, I stick to a few basic rules of song structure and the rest is largely experimentation. I have fun when I'm making music and am happy there are others who enjoy it." Check out the Bring Me Home EP below and support Wilks by grabbing it off Beatport.

Bring Me Home EP Cover #2


Bring Me Home [EP]

  • Prep School Recordings
  • 29-Oct-13
Dance · Deep House


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