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Gorgeous Children – "Sour"

Gorgeous Children, the outfit that dropped our jaws and bunched our panties earlier this year, is back with a menacing new single. This wouldn't be the first time a producer tries to scale Vangelis' dark and futuristic Blade Runner score but on "Sour", Gila Monsta manages to reach a new zenith. A testament to the track's title, this new drop is pretty damn sour. Operatic vocals are an ode to the dimly melodic 1982 composition while the rest is plain, unforgiving, griminess, paid in full by Face Vegas' cold-as-cash verses. The under-wordliness of "Sour" deviates far enough from "Costly Bottles" their first release this year, but their opulent sampling and more importantly, dexterous production work remains. We're looking forward to seeing what these two dream up next.



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