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Daughter – "Love" [Embassy Remix]

Having been released on Halloween, this remix of Daughter's "Love" by Embassy is quite haunting in itself. It's stunningly ambient and minimal, all the while encapsulating the lushness known to Embassy's producing name. It doesn't fall short of being soulful, as "Love" remains sweeping in beauty and complexity, just as the original managed to. 

Daughter's chilling vocals remain static, blending in with Embassy's improvisational downtempo electronica. Embassy's hope is that he creates music that "makes you feel", which is most definitely the case with his remix of "Love". The single is impressively thoughtful, evoking a refreshing and multi-instrumental sound within the Australian electronic music scene.

If you're digging the remix, feel free to download it by naming your price on Embassy's Bandcamp

Embassy's debut EP is set to drop in early 2014. 

Ambient · Electronica · Soul


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