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Goste - "Drip"

NYC based electronic artist Goste, Owen Ross, released new track “Drip” on Soundcloud and in a live performance at popular Brooklyn venue Tammany Hall last week to promote his upcoming EP “Deleted Scenes.” His sound is as experimental as the new-fashioned arts scene that he creates and resides in. Bushwick is, and has been, on the rise for several years now and is a veritable hunting ground for new musical talent, as both music students and freelance musicians have continued to migrate there. “Drip” is as unique as the up-to-the-minute music scene on the Bushwick side of Brooklyn, and no specific electronic grouping would accurately describe the track, with its dark, introspective lyrics, raspy vocals, and the subtle yet effective beats and production. Here, Ross has created a matchless track with the ability to be appreciated by, and hold hostage a wide variety of listeners. His “Unlearn/Relearn” EP is also currently available for free download on Bandcamp. 

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